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Monday, December 27, 2010

"My Craft Room"

This is my "Craft Room".
I put it in quotes because it more of a craft space,
against a wall in my dinning room.
I live in a 620 sq ft condo, so space is at a premium.
But with the help of Ikea,
I'm able to house hundreds of stamp sets,
numerous decks and packages of paper, several ink pads and.....
my brand new Pink Cricut Expression.
(it slides out on the left).
I'm so excited to start using it to make cards,
but theres a learning curve.

Thanks again for stoppin' by...


  1. Great way to fit a lot of stuff in a little space! Love your pink cricut!

  2. you definitely know how to put everything together in a small space, and it is so neat and organized...I started the same way, and before long I had to move my son out so I could have the 2nd bedroom (lol) if you stop by my blog, please leave a comment so I know you came by...TFS

  3. Great space! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Super space! Ikea is great!

  5. What a great space!! I love love love that clock!!! It looks like it was built to go there! And I love the fact that you have a pull out shelf for your pretty pink Cricut. Awesome!

    Amy E.