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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Magical Day! My first video post...

Hi All,
I've had this stamp set forever and have done nothing with it 'til now.
The images are so fantastic.
If you look close you will see many smaller images
with in the main image and I love that.
Because of the fantasy like element I thought it looked magical...,
hence the sentiment from Stamping Bella, "Have a magical Day"
The ribbon is a package of 12 that I picked up at
Winners and the button is from Zellers
Hope you like it!
Thanks for stopping' by


  1. Love your card and your video!!! I have to try the resist technique ~ it's so pretty! I like that you didn't rush in your video and showed exactly what supplies you were using. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I loved the video, it had great flow. I would put a drop of glue on the bow so it won't come untied. Keep the video's coming, there great!

  3. That was awesome Sheila! Now I can make beautiful cards just like yours!!